Aedis Depreciation Reports in Vancouver

Depreciation ReportsUnder the Strata Property Act, condominium developments must have completed a depreciation report by December 14, 2013. In addition, buyers, insurance companies and mortgage lenders are beginning to require them. There is provision for postponing the process but, as they are a budgeting tool, the sooner the better!

Jason Upton, the founder of Aedis Appraisals Ltd., has been appraising real estate in British Columbia since 1994 and has long specialized in condominium consulting and appraisals. Consulting through the leaky condo crisis of the 1990’s, Jason became a proactive force in the appraisal industry in determining and signaling what buyers and lenders should look for in condominium projects to ensure major repair costs can be avoided.

Having studied Building Envelope Science at BCIT, Jason launched a special service called Condo Advice in 2005 and major insurance companies and lenders continued to look to him for guidance and advice in the condominium forum.

These 20 years of specialized skills have now culminated in the Aedis Appraisals Reserve Fund Study Program. All our experience has been combined to create a quality product for the consumer. Not only will we produce a comprehensive and detailed report on your condominium development but we work proactively with you, the strata, to ensure that it is clearly understood and works to your advantage.

With our staff having strata council experience (over 10 years as strata presidents) we know that simply producing a report with estimated repair costs is not sufficient. Balancing these future costs and repairs in a reasonable budget that will not only be manageable, but also the most fiscally prudent, is the key. This involves expert knowledge so that you don’t spend money prematurely and maximize the life of your building components.

Appraisal Institute of CanadaAedis also goes the extra mile to meet with your strata owners before and after the report is completed, if desired. We believe that open communication and education is the best format to make the best decisions.

All our depreciation reports are produced in accordance with the Appraisal Institute of Canada’s strict standards and are completed with the highest and most recognized commercial designation in the appraisal industry, the AACI. This ensures that you receive a high quality and fully insured product. The Aedis Appraisals management team has over 60 years combined in the industry, with much of that in commercial/strata construction, education and estimating.

For all your depreciation appraisal in Vancouver, BC, call (604) 682-7585! or Email for Quote. We are competitive in fee and turnaround. We are never too busy to meet and discuss your needs.