Aedis Home Appraisal Service

With 25 years experience, we know the value of your home, after all the word Aedis is Latin for “Home of the Gods!”. We have residential appraisers who have experience valuating homes in all our service areas and have been doing so for years. We are preferred and accepted appraisers on most lender’s approved lists and are also trusted by the legal community, insurance companies and the private market.

The house appraisal inspection time and date is always flexible for us as we know your time is important. Yes, we work evenings and weekends too! Further, we will let you know the exact time we will be arriving so you don’t have to cancel half your day like you do with the cable guy. Politeness and professionalism and always the manner in which we conduct ourselves during the home inspection, and this means taking our shoes off.

Home Appraisal ServiceOur reports are thorough and professional and always include a sketch of the home (from our measurements), site maps, aerial pictures and more. We are fluent with recent sales and active listings in the areas we service so that we can give you an accurate property appraisal, every time.

The home value estimator process involves always valuing the lot separately, as if vacant, and then calculating the contributory value of the improvements. This is known as the cost approach. In the direct comparison approach, we will look at and compare similarly traded sales in the area, as this is a true representation of the market. Lastly, when applicable, we will apply the income approach when the home is more than just a home and a multi-unit revenue stream.

We are always happy to explain the process and address any questions about the report after its completion. Our home appraisal service doesn’t just end when we send you the report.

Call us at (604) 682-7585 today or Email for residential appraisal quote in Vancouver. We are competitive in our fees and turnaround time. We are never too busy to meet and discuss your needs.

  • "Aedis Appraisals was quick and efficient in providing a critique of a marketing appraisal"

    Allison Ouellet
    Dunnaway Jackson Ouellet & Associates
  • "I have previously retained Aedis Appraisal who are knowledgeable about the real estate market and were able to provide an in depth analysis"

    Scott Lamb
    Associate Counsel and Head of Construction Law Group, Richards Buell Sutton
  • "Appraisals reports handled through Aedis Appraisals have been both professional and efficient"

    David Tyson
    Regional Risk Manager, Pacific Mortgage Insurance, Genworth Canada
  • "I have repeatedly relied on the Aeis Appraisals team who always provide a high level of customer service with integrity and professionalism"

    Orlando Bush
    Senior Credit Manager, Prospera Credit Union
  • "Aedis Appraisals assists us in managing our appraisal process throughout Western Canada and has wide spread market knowledge.  They consistently provides us with efficient and quality service"

    Graeme Kaine
    Regional Director Western Canada, Scotiabank