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Aedis Appraisals Quick Turnaround ServiceAt Aedis Appraisals, we know that time is money.

A delayed appraisal can cost you, the lender, the deal. We guarantee a quick turnaround service (granting that we are able to access the property). We offer Appraisal and Consulting services throughout the British Columbia, Yukon, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Northwest Territories and Quebec.

The minute that your appraisal request is submitted, it is directed to our admin HQ for immediate attention, the centre is running 24/7. The quickest method is to email , to tell our attendant in the chat box, to call 1 888 99 AEDIS or to text 604 657 1111. Our team will accommodate your request and confirm with you the appointment time you have scheduled, the name of the appraiser attending and payment arrangements (we are competitive!).

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Products and Services

Our mortgage financing appraisals are accepted and preferred by most brokers and lenders and we are proud to maintain a strong relationship with them. Call us toll free at 1 888 99 AEDIS email for a quote, we are competitive in the industry!

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Depreciation Reports

Depreciation Reports

Aedis Appraisals has been appraising real estate since 1994 and has long specialized in condominium consulting and appraisals.

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commercial property appraisal

Commercial Appraisals

We offer quick turnaround and a customized, detailed, commercial form which can be catered to your needs. There are no “blanks” on our commercial reports, which will save you money & time.

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Home Appraisal Services

Home Appraisal Services

We know the value of your home, after all the word Aedis is latin for “Dwelling of the Gods” . We have residential appraisers who have experience valuating homes and have been doing so for many years.

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Services and Certification

Expert Reports / Testimony

Expert reports and expert testimony work is also one of our strong suits. With 20 years in the real estate appraisal industry, the principals have extensive experience in valuation including directly assisting and consulting 5 of the 5 Canadian banks in their appraisal process and procedures for 10 years. Our resumes are extensive and we have stood up to the test of time in our accuracy.

Insurance Valuations

Aedis Appraisals has been conducting Insurance Valuations since our inception. In 2008, we customized a replacement cost appraisal form for a major insurance provider which included specific details, not normally provided in an appraisal. This was a great success and we look forward to your inquiries regarding any insurance valuation, commercial or residential and offer the same flexibility, in format as well as property type. We also work closely with personal property valuation partners so that specialized can be applied when necessary

Appraiser Certification

All appraisals ordered through Aedis are performed by commercial and residential appraisers who are members of the Appraisal Institute of Canada. Further, reports are authored or co-signed by an appraiser holding the CRA (Canadian Residential Appraiser) designation or the AACI (Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute) designation,  All appraisers carry up to date liability insurance and have undergone training and certification as per Appraisal Institute of Canada standards.

For more information on the Appraisal Institute of Canada visit aicanada website

Reserve Fund Studies

Aedis Appraisals now offers Depreciation Reports / Reserve Fund Studies. Our reports are detailed, easy to understand and competitively priced. They are more than just a capital plan as they allow you to not only plan for future building upgrades, but also to budget for them. We provide a comprehensive service and will work with you to help determine which upgrades are the most urgent and which ones can be planned for in the future, so that the plan is not only prudent but also reachable. All our reports, as with our commercial department, are signed by an AACI (Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute).

  • "Aedis Appraisals was quick and efficient in providing a critique of a marketing appraisal"

    Allison Ouellet
    Dunnaway Jackson Ouellet & Associates
  • "I have previously retained Aedis Appraisal who are knowledgeable about the real estate market and were able to provide an in depth analysis"

    Scott Lamb
    Associate Counsel and Head of Construction Law Group, Richards Buell Sutton
  • "Appraisals reports handled through Aedis Appraisals have been both professional and efficient"

    David Tyson
    Regional Risk Manager, Pacific Mortgage Insurance, Genworth Canada
  • "I have repeatedly relied on the Aeis Appraisals team who always provide a high level of customer service with integrity and professionalism"

    Orlando Bush
    Senior Credit Manager, Prospera Credit Union
  • "Aedis Appraisals assists us in managing our appraisal process throughout Western Canada and has wide spread market knowledge.  They consistently provides us with efficient and quality service"

    Graeme Kaine
    Regional Director Western Canada, Scotiabank

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