Welcome to Aedis Appraisals’ Rapid Value Report.

We are offering this desktop style (no inspection) appraisal in all urban centers throughout Canada. The product has been designed for those needing a rough estimate of a property value in a quick timeline. Our Rapid Values response time is estimated to be 2-4 business hours.

The Rapid Value product is designed for:

  • low LTV mortgage lending
  • rough estimate of value for mortgage lenders for qualification purposes
  • loan delinquency / loss mitigation calculations
  • portfolio analysis
  • pre-listing opinion of value
  • pre litigation diligence
  • assessment accuracy check
  • reasonability check when preparing offer

Overall, there are many uses to the Rapid Value form but , of course, we cannot know the current condition of the property as we make no inspection. Therefore, a precise value is needed, we always recommend a full appraisal with inspection as a “next step”. The Rapid product’s strength is the speed. We use a large , recent data sample of sales in the area to determine the approximate value and this methodology is known as linear regression. If the home is in average condition, the Rapid Value will be more accurate then if it is dilapidate or renovated.

Since we are proud to offer this new product, we are slashing the regular fee of $79 and offering for $59 for a limited time in order to promote it and receive your feedback. We are superior to a traditional AVM as we are appraiser signed and certified and use sale dates , not completion dates for more up to date reliance.