Did you get your 2024 property tax assessment yet. Is it too high? We can help you.

Aedis appraisals, and its principles, has extensive experience in the property tax appeal sector. Jason Upton was the chairperson of the property assessment review panel, (PARP) for the most expensive properties in Vancouver, British Columbia, for five years,at which time he heard arguments from both sides (assessor and complainant) and made rulings based on fact, as to if the assessment were to be raised, decreased or remain the same. This extensive experience in the Property Appeal Forum allowed Mr. Upton to gain valuable knowledge about how the assessment system works, how assessments are calculated and what would be the most likely way to be able to appeal and overturned an appeal and change in assessment.



Aedis Appraisals is now thrilled to offer you, the public. Our valued expertise in appealing real estate assessments in both British Columbia and Ontario. It is a fact that the assessments are largely calculated using an algorithm and assessors very rarely visit the property anymore. This means that most of the assessments will be accurate but if the property is unique or has unusual characteristics or circumstances it very well may be assessed incorrectly.




We can provide a speedy review of your situation with a short interview over the phone to discuss the situation and give guidance as to whether or not a tax appeal would be in your favor and, if it is we will assist you in that process to have the assessmentwill correct it as it should be. Call us today!